Monday, August 10, 2009

When the boss is gone...

Last week my boss, my supervisor, and Esther were I made a mess! It was fun. Craig, the operations manager, asked me about doing another riprap job but it ended up into a culvert replacement. The culvert that goes under the road and into the overflow pond was undersized (6" diameter) and was buried under at least 24" of sediment. We decided to replace it with 2-12" diameter HDPE pipes that had been left over from our LFG piping job. I got to be the foreman in charge of a backhoe, scraper, and dozer. We dug out the old culvert, replaced it with the new pipes, dug out the inlet side and the overflow pond, buried the new pipe, and re-graded the road.
An overview before we started

Laying the new pipe
Digging out the inlet side
View of new culvert and dug out inlet side
Grading and repairing road
Digging out the overflow pond

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