Monday, August 10, 2009


Along with the new culvert job, there was a big mess made last week when the landfill caught on fire. Last Thursday was really windy across the valley and there was a lot of lightning. There were big fires in Skull Valley, out by Salt Lake International Airport, and out by us. The fire started sometime around 4:30 on Kennicott's (RIO TINTO) property then blew across the highway onto our property. It started on our side by the water tower and headed north along the berm that separates our main building and the highway. Luckily we have really competent operators that fought the fire with the water truck and dozer, preventing the building from catching on fire, until the firefighters could show up and take over. The firefighters showed up and put the fire out. We had around ten acres or so get scorched and a couple power poles to Granger get toasted and need to be replaced. On the plus? side, the landfill now smells like smoked hickory which is nice....unless you have an office...because then it just burns your eyes.

Ironically, all the weed pulling we did a few posts back was really worthless since it would've gone up in flames anyway.

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  1. what if the weed seeds had already dropped. Are you sure they would of been burned??